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Membership/Elections Procedures

Elections Minutes/ Updates

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If you would like to print more cards for yourself. The best way is to either print this like a photo and choose to print multiple on a sheet or insert this photo into a business card template for easy printing. 

Election Check In

Hooker election season for the 2023 Hooker Board of Directors will begin in August.  

The following information lays out what will be happening between now and the election of the 2023 Board by month.  

Please make sure your annual membership dues are paid so that you are eligible

to vote in November. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Vice Madam, Julia.

Questions about the duties or responsibilities of any of the positions

can be fielded by current or past Board members.


September - Nominations collected until October 1st

October - Candidates are notified and  Meet the Candidates is at October Meeting. Nominees must have dues paid by October general meeting.

November - Vote for New Board. 

December - Swear New Board In.    

Transition plan and transition meeting(s) set by 2022 and 2023 Boards.  

New Board takes over January 2023

We will be voting for all 5 Officer positions and 3 new Directors

Executive Directors (1 year term)

Madam - DJ Ruscik

Vice Madam - Julia Gaylor

Secretary - Carolyn Ryznek

Treasurer - Deb Syring

Chaplin - Anita Jannotti


Directors- (2 year terms)

Monica Kochel 2022 - Open for 2023

Joanne Correia 2022 - Open for 2023

Lucinda Good 2022 - Open for 2023

Linda Bohacek 2022 - 2023 Year 2

Natalie Gazda  2022 - 2023 Year 2

Michelle King 2022 - 2023 Year 2

Position descriptions can be found on our website under the "Membership" tab.

Nominate your friends or YOURSELF and help us all

"Make a Positive Difference in Our Community"

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